Rachel D. Lodge | Carbon Storylines 1.1 in the Garry Oak Gallery

"Carbon emissions," "carbon footprint," "decarbonization":  because of climate change, people are hearing a lot about carbon these days. But for the average person carbon itself is still an abstraction, even though it’s all around us.  In a series of 22 prints, Rachel Lodge explores carbon dioxide, photosynthesis, and other wonders of the carbon cycle, inviting viewers into a visual story about the carbon flowing through the oceans (in plankton, krill, and whales), in forests, soils and air, and through our own actions.  Rachel's exhibit features hand-drawn images in ink and watercolor on paper, cut out and digitally collaged/animated. The show invites viewers to see themselves as carbon stewards whose actions can make a difference.
'Carbon Storylines 1.1' will be in the Gallery Oak Gallery through the end of September. The Garry Oak Gallery may periodically close for Center programs or private events. Please call in advance to ensure the exhibit is accessible. 

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