Our Mission

Photo: Grant Hindsley

Our Mission

Protect the birds, and you protect the earth. 

Audubon's mission is to protect birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow.

The center strives towards this mission by helping a diverse mix of youth and adults cultivate wonder and develop an insatiable curiosity of the natural world through environmental science, outdoor exploration and play.

The Center's programs focus on connecting families to wild spaces in their backyards and providing them with the skills to lead a lifetime of active, outdoor explorations. 

This mission is executed according to the following tactics: 

1) People connect to a cause through sustained engagement.

2) Fun! Programs are active, creative, playful and engaging.

3) Young people are encouraged to explore, get muddy, touch and experience nature broadly.

4) Programs are culturally relevant with schedules that are accessible to low-income families, financial assistance available for all programs, curriculum that reflects our community and staff and volunteers that reflect the demographics of the people we serve.

5) Excellence in youth work as measured by the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA).

6) Collaboration and partnership is emphasized.  Allies make our reach broader and our impact greater.

Join us in our mission!  Visit a program, become a member, or volunteer today.  

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