Board of Directors

The Audubon Washington Board provides fundraising support and governance for the Seward Park Audubon Center.

Thomas Bancroft
Ph.D. Ecology, Former Audubon Chief Scientist

Todd Burley
Environment and Sustainability Strategic Advisor, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Cathie Conolly
Retired, Ecologist

Rob Faucett
Collection Manager for Ornithology, Burke Museum

Jane Hedberg
Retired Communications/PR Executive

Cathy Jaramillo
Retired, Washington State Wine Commission

Chuck Lennox
Owner, Cascade Interpretive Consulting 

Josh Lipsky
Attorney, Cascadia Law Group

Glenn Nelson
Independent Journalist

Alicia Robbins
Resource Economist, Weyerhaser

Michael Ryan
Attorney, City of Seattle

Doug Santoni, Chair
Retired Executive, Travel Industry

Heather Singh
Director, Singh Family Foundation

Paul Talbert
Research Specialist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Gregory Vamos
Attorney, Oracle Corporation

Lloyd Fetterly
Retired, National Audubon Society, Southwest Chapter Representative

Allen Gibbs
Retired, United States Forest Service, NW I Chapter Representative

Rick Jahnke
Retired, Professor of Oceanography, NW II Chapter Representative

Robin Priddy
Engineer, Eastern Chapter Representative

Randy Smith
Retired, Environmental Protection Agency, King County Chapter Representative

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