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Our Garry Oak Room is home to rotating art exhibits that highlight the beauty of the natural world.


Beautiful Pen and Ink Drawings by Madrona Artist Levi Perez

April 9-July 31

Gallery Opening Reception: Saturday, April 14, 1:00-3:30pm

"Raven" by Levi Perez

It's spoken fore!
It's in my sights-
the caw goes out!
A vibrato of thieves
to the sapien-
but to the quiet observer
he demonstrates a skill unlike
no others to match,
for on his cloaked plume
remains a dagger or a winged

We are thrilled to welcome Levi Perez as our featured artist for April through July.

"SENTIENT" is the latest show of drawings by Madrona artist, Levi Perez demonstrating a personal portrayal of creatures in the wild.  With a simple gesture in pen and ink, the journey begins with the extraordinary animals of the Sierras, unfolding portraits embellished with native graphics that echo respect of the First People. 

About the Artist

Levi Perez is the pseudonym for Madrona artist, David Jeno. He has enjoyed creating music, art and continuing discussion about animals, the environment and the First People.  The artwork in the gallery explores all three of these subject matters:

The animals- are the subject under the First Peoples cultural Totems.

The environment- is the background of trees, mountains and all the wonder of nature.

The native symbols- illustrate a reminder to the First Peoples amazing graphic images throughout their tribes.

Although the work appears as crude pen and ink, it appeals to Levi as primitive, yet to the point. They are also in homage to the wonderful illustration work of Henry Bugbee Kane, noted for his woodcut illustrations in Edwin Way Teales'  The Wilderness World, of John Muir, Thoreau's Walden and  The Maine Woods and many other U.S Forestry drawings.

In the Artist's Words- A Note about Levi's Use of Native Symbols and Images

"The symbolism in Sentient is to compliment and respectfully reflect the typical use of pattern in the First Peoples language and culture. I use the symbolism to compliment the work that is presented, with bands and borders in homage to the historically rich patterns developed by many tribes in history. These patterns that I have created are of my own interpretations, yet are singled out in many tribes for their use. An example would be my drawing titled "Totemic Wind." It shows the Hopi symbol of the sun encapsulating the mountain- it is a powerful symbol of Wi- the sun god associated with the American Bison. It also represents the harmony of life. It also instills the ritual of the Sun Dance, a powerful rebirth ceremony very sacred to native cultures.

Many of the animal drawings will have my own personal graphic symbolism that I find not only suitable to reflect the illustrated and detailed animal in the scenery, but the graphic is there to encapsulate the "natural and raw" aspect of a graphically strong language that has endured the centuries. As a non-verbal communication of the ancients.

As far as I know I have a family bloodline in Mississippi and the Arkansas regions of Choctaw descent, yet I have not pursued its validity nor do I represent myself as a First People in this light. My mission is simple, I have always been drawn to animals and nature, and I find the First People to be the closest in representing this philosophy for my purposes, with extreme respect."  - Levi 2018

If you are interested in purchasing Levi's work you can contact him at

David Jeno

Please join us for the gallery opening reception on Saturday, April 14 1:00pm-3:30pm

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