School Programs

Field Trips

Outdoor learning adventures for grades 1-8
School Programs

Field Trips

Outdoor learning adventures for grades 1-8

Outdoor field trip programs bring students deep into Seward Park for field study and hands-on exploration of forest and wetland ecosystems. Programs are 3.5 hours long (includes lunch break), with activities customized for your grade level, priced at $10/student. Scholarships and school discounts available on a sliding scale.

Call of the Wild: Animals & Habitat

Explore the secret life of plants and animals in an expedition through the old growth forest of Seward Park. Learn who eats whom in the food chain and go on a bug hunt. Experience the pressures on the web of life first hand through field games, and in the end you will learn how we all are connected and each play a role in a healthy ecosystem.

**Grades 1-2 / Available Fall & Spring seasons**

Targets NGSS Standards: K-1 LS1-3; 2-3 LS1, LS3

Raptor’s Roost: Birds of Prey & Food Webs

Seek the home of our mighty owls, eagles, and hawks on this epic journey through the old growth forest. Together we'll learn about birds of prey and their vital role in the food web. We'll dissect owl pellets, listen for the eagles call, hike the trails, and play games beneath the trees to learn how these powerful raptors survive in the vibrant ecosystem of Seward Park.   

**Grades 3-8 / Available Fall & Spring season**

Targets NGSS Standards: 2-3 LS1-3, INQA; 4-5 LS1-3, INQA; 6-8 LS2A-B, LS2D, LS3E, INQA

Feathered Friends: Birds & Wildlife Observation

Take flight among the majestic creatures at Seward Park. On this quest, you will investigate the secrets of flight and the magic of migration. Enter the mysterious world of song birds, raptors and waterfowl under towering canopy and along the shores. Using scientific inquiry, conduct a field study of Seward Park’s most illustrious residents.

**Grades 1-8 / Available Fall & Spring seasons**

Targets NGSS Standards: K-1 LS1B-E, LS2, LS3, INQA, SYSA; 2-3 LS1-2, INQA-C, SYSE; 4-5 LS1-2, LS3A-B, INQA-B; 6-8 LS2, LS3E-F, INQA-B

Seed to Tree: Plants & Ecosystems

With each passing season we observe our native plants sprout, grow, blossom, fruit, and return to seed. Plants provide vital habitat, food, shelter, and beauty to all life at Seward Park. Come with us as we explore native plants, the plant life cycle, seasonal abundance, berries and birds. Together we will learn the importance of plants in our ecosystem and ways in which we can protect and conserve our treasured greenspace. 

**Grades 1-8 / Available Fall & Spring seasons **

Targets NGSS Standards: 1 LS1-3; 2 LS2, LS4, PS1; 3 LS1-4; 4 LS1, ESS2; 5 PS3, LS1-2; MS LS2, ESS3

Fungus Among-us: Decomposition & The Circle of Life

Unearth our most precious resource and inspect the ingredients that power the circle of life from the soil beneath your feet to the towering trees above and back again. Journey into the ancient forest, get your hands dirty exploring the forest floor, notice strange and mysterious mushrooms around every corner, and burrow deep into the fascinating world of decomposers.

**Grades 2-8 / Available Fall season**

Targets NGSS Standards: 2-3 LS1-2, ES2A; 4-5 LS1-2, LS3A, ES2D-F; 6-8 LS2, LS3E-F, INQA, SYSA

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Fees and Scholarships
Discounts of up to 95% are available for schools and are based on the percentage of free and reduced lunches or scholarships for your school. Standard cost is $10 per student for a 1 hour field trip.  

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