Community Programs

Ashwini Sadekar | Chroma of Nature

Explore the colors and geometry of flowers, birds and forests

With brilliant colors artistically applied, the paintings created by Ashwini Sadekar celebrate the splendor of the natural world. Her paintings are influenced by her colorfully rich and diverse cultural heritage that are the art, architecture, dance, music, and language of West-Central India.

Now Ashwini's mastery of the visual spectrum of light dances on the walls of our Garry Oak Gallery just in time to counter-balance our pivot into the faint light of fall. Visit our gallery, October through year's end, and witness her play on color and shape, up close and in-person. 


Hands-on Workshop

Ashwini will be providing instruction on drawing birds at a free workshop, for adults and youth, Sunday, November 13. All materials will be provided as she employs specimens from the Center's taxidermy as models. Advance registration is required for this event. Registration will open on November 3. 

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