Community Programs

Naturalist Walks & Talks

Learn about the natural world in and around Seward Park.

The Audubon Center offers classes, workshops, and lectures on a wide range of topics including: mushrooms, conifers of the pacific northwest, intermediate birding, and more!  Check our events calendar for upcoming programs.

Owl Prowl

A night hike through Seward Park in search of resident owls

Join us as we search for our resident owls. Your prowl will begin with learning about these amazing nocturnal predators, their habitats, behaviors and language. You'll even dissect owl pellets to find the bones and skulls from their prey. We continue with a night hike deep into the old growth forest where we will call out to find these skillful birds. Find our schedule and purchase tickets at our events page.

For ages 10 and up (must have ability to stand still and be super quiet!) and anyone able to hike 2 miles.
$10 per person

Bird Focus

Join naturalist Ed Dominguez each month as we survey the variety of birds that visit and live in Seward Park. Each month Ed selects a different family of birds and shares information on the species. His presentations could be on woodpeckers, hummingbirds, raptors or any other bird family. Please check our events page for this month's theme as well as dates and times.  This is a walking tour of the park, so please dress appropriately. Binoculars will be provided.

Ages 10 and up
$5 per person

Morning Treats & Tweets

Join a group of curious folks looking to learn about birds in a casual environment.  Morning Treats & Tweets is designed to introduce beginning and intermediate birders to the birds of Seward Park. We start off with doughnuts and coffee and then transition into a walk in the park to learn about the beautiful birds you encounter. Please check our events page for the next Morning Treats & Tweets class. Please make sure to dress for the weather. Binoculars will be provided.

Ages 10 and up
$7 per person

Bat Trek

Did you know that Washington State is home to more than 15 species of bats? It's true! And several of them live in and around Seward Park. Our guided Bat Trek features a presentation on bats of the Pacific Northwest and a guided walk to locate and identify these creatures of the night with the setting sun as our backdrop. We'll observe  and listen for local bats in their natural habitat, flitting through the trees and skimming over the water as they devour a bounty of flying insects. It's a fantastic way to explore this magical piece of our local urban environment. Scroll through our events page to see the dates and times of this month's Bat Treks! 

For ages 8 and up. Must be able to hike 2 miles.
$5 per person 


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