Family Programs

Bring the whole family for an adventure at Seward Park

Bat Trek:The lives of Northwest bats revealed!

Wednesday, September 16, 8PM

$5 per person

Ages: 8 and up

Our guided Bat Trek features a presentation on bats of the Pacific Northwest and a guided walk to locate and identify these creatures of the night with the setting sun as our backdrop. We'll observe  and listen for local bats in their natural habitat, flitting through the trees and skimming over the water as they devour a bounty of flying insects. It's a fantastic way to explore this magical piece of our local urban environment. Get tickets here

The Forest Spirit Artists Reception 
Thursday, September 17
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Meet the artists and get a first look at their work in our Garry Oak Gallery.
Light refreshments will be served. 

The Forest Spirit Gallery Show

September 17 - November 22
Enjoy artwork inspired by contact with our local forests. These two Seward Park denizens respond to the Forest Spirit in very different ways. For Cathy, the forest imparts a deep calmness that promotes new directions of wonder and imagination. For Hannah, painting these woods returns her to that spacious connection with the living earth, balm to her human spirit -- the forest spirit. 

Community Roots: Habitat Restoration

Saturdays: 10am-2pm

September 19October 17November 7November 14December 12

Climate change puts 50% of North American birds at risk. Mitigate local impacts by restoring our urban forest oasis for resident and migrating birds, and building community with friends, family and neighbors. Tools, materials, gloves, training, snacks and coffee provided. Bring the whole family! Click on a date above to sign up.

Bird Focus: Owl on the Move

Time for young owls to go it alone

Saturday, September 19, 8:00am-11:00am

$5 Ages 10 and up

Juvenile owls are being forced to seek new territories as parents are refusing their incessant begging calls for food.  We will scour the old growth forest looking for these youngsters as they prepare for life on their own. Get tickets here

Owl Prowl

A night hike through Seward Park in search of resident owls

Join us as we search for our resident owls. Your prowl will begins with learning about these amazing nocturnal predators, their habitats, behaviors and language including a dissection of owl pellets to find the bones and skull from their prey. We continue with a night hike deep into the old growth forest where we will call out to find these skillful birds. For ages 10 and up (must have ability to stand still and be super quiet!) and anyone able to hike 2 miles.

Get tickets here for Owl Prowl on September 19 (7:30—10pm)

Get tickets here for Owl Prowl on October 10 (7pm—9:30pm)

Thor Hanson: The Triumph of Seeds

Mon, Oct 5 at 7pm

The Royal Room 

5000 Rainier Ave S


Ages 10 and older

No registration required

In The Triumph of Seeds, award-winning author and biologist Thor Hanson explores both the natural and cultural history of seeds and why we are so utterly dependent upon them. Please join us at the Royal Room in Columbia City for fine delectables and Thor's presentation and Q&A. 


Bird Focus: Crows Ravens and Jays, Oh My!

Saturday, October 10, 8:00am-11:00am

$5 Ages 10 and up

As Halloween approaches we will explore one of the most intelligent of all bird families, the Corvids.  These birds' behaviors and personalities are endlessly fascinating and we will explore the latest scientific research on their sophisticated social structure.

Get tickets here

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