Call of the City: Sharing Our City With Coyotes

Can we co-exist with animals that were born to be wild?
Coyote on golf course Photo: Dru Bloomfield

Thursday, March 31
5:30 - 7:00 PM
Live presentation via YouTube Live

Coyotes are an ever-present reminder of our connection with wildlife that inhabits many parts of our region. Their presence elicits joy for some and fear or even anger within others. There is so much to learn about their habits, their diet, and the landscapes they consider their own. As we seek to understand their behaviors, we also ponder the role of coyotes in an area that seemingly grows less hospitable to them each year and stand witness to their wild nature that allows them to succeed, nonetheless.
To help provide a better understanding of our urban coyotes, we have assembled a panel whose expertise and experience dispel urban lore and provide years of research in its place. We seek to provide a medium for two-way discussions on how we can feel more secure in our communities and retain wild spaces for these canids. 

Our panel includes:

  • Katie Remine and Robert Long of the Woodland Park Zoo, and Mark Jordan of Seattle University, who lead the Seattle Urban Carnivore Project
  • Chris Anderson, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Sam Kreling, Seattle Coyote Study - University of Washington
  • Ed Dominguez, Seward Park Audubon Center

This free panel discussion will be presented live via YouTube Live, followed immediately by a Q&A session.

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