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Backyard birding has become one of America’s top hobbies.   Whether you want to feel more connected to nature, learn more about birds by seeing them up close, or just help birds by supplementing their natural diet, there are many reasons to encourage wild birds to your backyard.  Creating bird friendly backyards or apartment balconies can provide much needed urban oases for both resident and migratory birds while also providing you with many hours of enjoyment. Feeding year-round helps sustain wild bird populations and provides a supplemental source of protein and energy through stressful periods such as cold winters, migration, and during breeding and nesting season.

The Seward Park Audubon Center Nature Store offers a wide variety of seed, feeders, and wild bird snacks to get you started in creating and sustaining your own bird friendly backyard or balcony.  We carry tube and squirrel proof feeders suitable for black oil sunflower seed, patio mix, or sunflower chips, as well as nyjer seed feeders for thistle and peanuts for woodpecker feeders.  We also stock a variety of high energy suet, from Hot Pepper Delight (which keeps the squirrels away—yet birds love it) to Woodpecker Treat.  The Seward Park hummingbirds have tested and approved our hummingbird feeders—another important addition to a bird friendly backyard or apartment balcony.

Stop by the Nature Store for these products and more to help build your own wild bird oasis.  It’s now even easier to purchase seed with our online store.  Place your order online and we will prep it for pick up the same day.

Happy backyard birding!

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