Garry Oak Gallery

Our Garry Oak Room is home to rotating art exhibits that highlight the beauty of the natural world.

Feathered Oasis

A Beautiful Appreciation of Birds through Painting

January 19-March 24

Gallery Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10th 1:00pm-3:00pm

We are thrilled to welcome Savannah Billedo as our featured artist for January to March. Her beautiful acrylic paintings show the fanciful details and personalities of birds. Savannah was born and raised in Seattle, WA. From an early age, her mother Sonya instilled in her a deep fascination and intrigue towards animals, insects, and plants. Entire days were devoted to collecting and researching the animals and creatures found in the backyard of her childhood home. Along with her sister, Kelsi, they began amassing large collections of insects and plants. To this day, Savannah cherishes the wonders of nature. Her artwork is an extension of that love. Every brush stroke represents a moment from her memories that bring her so much joy. She is honored to show her work at the Seward Park Audubon Center. Educating, conserving, and preserving are fundamental steps in ensuring future generations will have the opportunity to fall in love with nature, like Savannah did.
If you are interested in purchasing Savannah's work you can contact her at

Savannah's work is accompanied by several local artists which include Eve McClure, Marmot Snetsinger, April Gleason and Ann Breckon.

Eve McClure
Eve McClure’s bird paintings began with a photo she took of a heron taking flight. She decided to sketch it, but finding a little sketch frustrating, she took out her charcoal and chalk pastels and rendered the bird in a large format. From here on she began painting many herons and then other birds. Eve appreciates the challenge of portraying the fine details of these fascinating creatures. She even finds painting birds more challenging than painting a human face. Most recently Eve has begun working with watercolor which she finds exiting as the paints and the water mix.  She also enjoys using acrylic paints and oil pastels.
If you are interested in purchasing Eve's work you can contact her at 206-324-3579 or

Marmot Snetsinger
Marmot Snetsinger loves using watercolors to paint birds. In watercolor one has a direct relationship with the pigment and the fluidity of water, which brings in an element of unpredictability and surprise. This is not unlike the nature of birds, which don’t often sit still for long, and you can’t find them exactly where you might like! The element of surprise in both finding and watching birds delights her soul. For Marmot, walking through Seward Park is like a treasure hunt, but the treasure isn’t buried: it’s calling from the top most branches of the ancient fir trees, twittering about in the low shrubbery along the path or dabbling just offshore of a rocky beach…
If you are interested in purchasing Marmot's work you can contact her at or 206-327-5814.

April Gleason
April Gleason explains that she draws birds because, “If she doesn’t draw them they will draw her and they don't have any arms." She is primarily a mixed media artist, the attraction to mixed media is the ability to layer as each product adds another dimension to her work. She find the greatest joy and inspiration in drawing girls and putting girl heads on many things, sometimes even two girl heads at once. After a long day of playing in her studio she likes to unwind with a handful of ballpoint pens and some evocative photos of birds. Drawing each feather and line mark helps relax and calm her day. If you are interested in purchasing April's work you can contact her at 1-540-499-3407.

Ann Breckon
Ann Breckon is a Northwest watercolor painter and art teacher who has been active as an artist for over 25 years.  Her paintings have been shown in numerous galleries plus the Frye Art Museum and held in personal and corporate collections, including the US Air Force. Accepted into multiple local and national exhibitions, Ann's art has been awarded numerous awards and honors.  She has signature status with both the National Watercolor Society and the Northwest Watercolor Society, and is a member of the professional Women Painters of Washington.  Her classes and workshops are taught all around the Puget Sound area.
Ann states, "My primary medium is watercolor, which I find versatile, surprising and alive with movement.  While appreciating many styles of art, I experience a strong personal fascination with the preciseness, clarity and technical ability shown in realistic art.  Topics of many kinds appeal to me, including landscapes, florals, still life, portraits, animals, cityscapes and details of unusual objects and places. Birds are wonderful to paint because they add so much life to the world, have such terrific personalities and come in endless and fascinating varieties."
If you are interested in purchasing Ann's work you can contact her at or 425-644-4245.

Please join us for the gallery opening reception on Saturday, February 10th from 1 to 3pm.

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