Garry Oak Gallery

Our Garry Oak Room is home to rotating art exhibits that highlight the beauty of the natural world.

Wind Walkers

Multimedia Exhibit by Karen Dedrickson, Joanne Bohannon, Di Faria, Tina Albro and Mary Ellen Bowers

March 23-June 20

From March 23rd to June 20th our Garry Oak Room will host an incredible collection of artwork by five local artists who use different mediums and styles to portray their fondness of birds and nature. Learn a little more about each artist and their work below.

Karen Dedrickson

Surrender to the Brush! Karen stands at her table with a quiet mind-the subject or idea suspended. Holding the handle just at its center, she dips the soft bristles into the black ink. Then with a pounce; twist and turn, she quickly marks the thin absorbent paper. Any splatters, drops and "accidental" washes become part of the painting. Later, she may add colors; oil bar, wax crayon or acrylic after the ink has dried. "I am exploring the wilderness of myself with nature as my muse."

This ancient tradition of ink painting comes from China and Japan. The simplicity of the media; ink, paper and brush unlocks her imagination-the perfect medium for the serendipity and mastery of brush work.

Her emotions in motion, recorded in ink, speak a truth that can't be erased.

"My giving in, is giving to. Creating paintings that you can touch with your eyes."

Contact Karen Dedrickson at:     425.209.8980      

Joanne Bohannon

Joanne Bohannon came to ceramics through her love of drawing and painting. She became obsessed with ceramic sculpture because it involves taking simple clay and turning into a 3 dimensional reflection of her life. "I never know where the clay will take me, but usually it is a mirror of what is happening around me or in my garden." This current series titled “Encroachment” came about when she realized an owl, several blue herons, and a covey of quail had decided to set up shop outside in her garden. It amazes her that such icons for the health of the Earth have managed to survive amongst all of the asphalt and noise. Such perseverance!

Contact Joanne Bohannon at:                             425.603.9603

Di Faria

Di Faria's art is an expression of who she is, a blending of her ideas and creativity with glass. She tries to achieve something unique, something that has meaning to her. She finds the process of creation and execution very satisfying and is fascinated with interpreting other mediums such as fabrics, acrylics, watercolor and woven art into glass.  She prefers her art have texture and depth so she finds some ideas work beautifully, others, need fine tuning, but that’s the fun of it, and what draws her back to her studio time after time.

Her art includes glass weavings and batiks along with the stylized Cranes, Herons and glass Molas that are on display here.

Di's glass Mola’s are her interpretation of the traditional fabric art of the indigenous people of the San Blas Island of Panama.  These fabric panels are handmade using a reverse appliqué technique. Several layers of different-colored cloth are sewn together; the design is then formed by cutting away parts of each layer. Using a reverse construction technique, her Molas combine multiple layer of powdered glass to achieve the look of many layers of fabric used in the traditional Molas.

Contact Di Faria at:                     

Tina Albro

Tina is truly a windwalker. She grew up in Rainier Beach and has been coming to Seward Park her whole life, walking the trails in all kinds of weather, stopping to look at bark, moss and all of the wildlife here.

She creates prints and loves the unexpected outcomes that 'handpulled' printmaking offers. Tina takes a painterly approach, preferring to 'monoprint' or create 'unique variants' from the plates, making each outcome completely individual. 

"Technology seems to be moving so fast; I want to take a step back and slow down to appreciate each part of the making process.  Each print is slightly different and the quirks and irregularities that are inherent in this art form are endlessly interesting to me."

Contact Tina Albro at:                    206.679.8274

Mary Ellen Bowers

Look closer…artist, Mary Ellen Bowers creates vibrant mosaics using discarded retail gift cards, credit cards and library cards.  She captures scenes of the Pacific Northwest with wit and whimsy, while diverting plastics away from the waste stream.

“I reveal the hidden beauty in items I rescue from their one-way trip to the landfill.  My mosaics are made from fragments of recycled plastic credit cards, library cards and retail gift cards.  My work gives these discarded bits of plastic a purpose beyond their intended use.  Gift cards are ubiquitous in our society.  I find meaning at multiple levels when I cut them apart based on color, texture and pattern to create new imagery.  I enjoy re-creating the natural world from the plastic that was intended to be disposable; reusing the material while acknowledging the joy of the actual gift that it represents.”

Contact Mary Ellen Bowers at:             253.350.0936

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