Garry Oak Gallery

Our Garry Oak Room is home to rotating art exhibits that highlight the beauty of the natural world.

Made in Puget Sound

Photography Exhibit of Underwater Images from the Puget Sound Region

October 9-January 5

We are thrilled to host images from professional underwater photographer Drew Collins in our Garry Oak gallery. His work highlights the incredible world that thrives under our chilly Puget Sound waters. Drew Collins was also made in and inspired by the Puget Sound. He was born and raised around the beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and streams that support life in this area. Growing up hiking, biking, swimming, and traveling all over the region has made him an advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment. He volunteers much of his time supporting life sciences and environmentalist activities that directly benefit the Puget Sound region. Drew is pleased to be showing his work at the Seward Park Audubon Center because he recognizes that a healthy marine ecosystem supports not only the wonderful creatures he photographs below water, but also the millions of migratory seabirds that rely on the Pacific Flyway. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of Drew's images, you can contact him at and you can see more of his images on his website, Made in Puget Sound.

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