Teen Program


Teen Program

Tenacious Roots 

Want to make a difference? Do you care about the environment? Then join Tenacious Roots! Earn service learning hours by addressing the local impacts of climate change and protecting plants and wildlife through political advocacy, community organizing and restoring the forest of Seward Park. Sessions are three weeks long and include one Thursday meeting and one weekend meeting each week. Bus passes and snacks provided!

Ages: 9th-12th grade

Climate Change Champions
Host: Cleveland High School

What is climate change and what can YOU do about it? You will find out the answers to these questions by joining our October cohort! Teens will attend a climate action summit hosted by the Seattle Youth Climate Action Network, learn about Initiative 732 and assist its campaign, as well as restore the forest of Seward Park.

Legislative Leaders
Host: Franklin High School  

Your voice matters! Join the February Legislative Leaders cohort and learn how to express your concerns for the environment and make suggestions for the future. Take your skills down to the state capitol in Olympia and participate in Audubon’s Advocacy Day where you will meet with real lawmakers and representatives to discuss important environmental issues! You will also help your local environment by participating in restoration events in Seward Park.

Wildlife Defenders
Host: Cleveland High School  

Did you know that climate change is the number one threat to North American birds? Sadly, we can already see some of the effects such as loss of habitat and food sources. But you can help! Defend birds and their habitat by learning about bird needs, planting native seedlings and restoring bird habitat in Seattle.  

MAY 4- MAY 20
Friends to the Trees
Host: Franklin High School  

Seward Park is home to the only stand of old-growth forest left in Seattle. Many of its trees are more than 200 years old! But the forest needs your help. Invasive plants have begun to take over and need to be removed in order for native trees like the Douglas-fir and Western Redcedar to grow and thrive. Join the June cohort to learn about healthy forests and make a difference in the forests of Seward Park! 

For more information and to apply please contact or 206-652-2444 x 107

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Funds for this project were provided by the USDA Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program, administered through the State of Washington Department of Natural Resources Urban and Community Forestry Program. 

The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

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